Wednesday, July 29, 2009


The refrigerator after the removal of the magnetic poetry and before removal of magnets (and why is this photo so blurry?).

And the file cabinet after removal of all postcards and the like. Note large number of magnets from the UPM. Unfortunately some of my non-Czech magnets disappeared on the way back from Prague... Ah, the vicissitudes of moving.

Well, all the magnets have been packed now and and the entire apartment looks like the site of a natural disaster! Only one more packing day left.


  1. Hi Karla,

    This is wonderful! Happy to discover that magnets are your most recent entry...I just spent the day taking pictures of my magnets.

    Hope you and the rabs are well,

  2. Hi Angelina,

    Delightful to hear from you again! I am looking forward to reinstallation of the magnets on a new refrigerator (I'm picking up the house keys Monday). The furfaces are staying with my parents until mid-month to avoid being buried alive in boxes. I hope yours are in fine fettle!