Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Barberini Faun Appears Unexpectedly in Pittsburgh

A colleague and I were recently (well, perhaps a month or so ago, but let's not quibble, I only just learned how to download photos from my phone) chatting in the Frick Fine Arts Library, only to find ourselves suddenly distracted by this:

We had thought that the Barberini Faun (aka Sleeping Satyr) was safely settled at Munich's Glyptothek.

But I guess not. Looks like he's had a haircut on the trip west. And gotten dressed. Too bad.


  1. And some comments from friends on Facebook (I guess I'll leave them sort of anonymous for now):

    GF: "Funny! Reminds me of the Gabineto Segreto in the anthropological (or is it archaeological?) museum in Naples. For my riff on some of those fauns, I'd post a link to a story (if I knew how to insert a link in this message)."

    AR: "Very cool! I've often wanted to have my students act out various works of art to get a better understanding of them."

    BC: "Good eye!"

  2. A perfect likeness!