Sunday, June 28, 2009

TransMarch 2009

Cesar and I headed out to San Francisco's Dolores Park on Friday night to lend our support for Transgender rights.

We liked the multilingual announcement.

Cesar's neighbor was one of the performers.

I liked this person's outfit quite a bit.

The ASL interpreter was spectacular!

And the parade was good.


  1. Pittsburgh needs a celebration like this.

  2. Did Pittsburgh do any kind of Pride celebration? I never seem to be there in June. This was only the 6th San Francisco TransMarch, so I don't think we can say Pittsburgh is lagging too terribly on transgender (yet).

    A lot of people had pink stickers with things like "bi," "poly," and "kinky" on them, but I'm afraid I didn't find the source.

  3. Yes, I went to Pittsburgh Pride with Kathy J-K one year. It was kinda fun, but quite modest. Basically fried food and some dancing and some music in the park. I think they have a parade too, but I skipped that. I went to a great pride festival in Milwaukee this year, as one of my good friends organized a stage. In that city they rent a festival grounds and charge admission--thus they can bring in big-name people. This year they had Cyndi Lauper and Brandy this year. My friend organized the educational stage though--no celebs involved.


  4. I'm a little surprised to hear that Milwaukee is ahead of Pittsburgh on Pride celebrations, but it does all depend on who's organizing. It's not necessary to charge admission, though, I think... I'm not sure what the San Francisco sponsorship ends up being, but one of the times I heard Joan Baez live was after a San Francisco Pride parade. That was all free to the public.

  5. I think most people brought their own food. We went for Ethiopian afterwards.