Friday, June 19, 2009

Get Your Red-Hot Fejetony Here!
(Being a Bit More Explanatory)

This blog being a new volume, so to speak, after the previous, both my old readers and any new ones will wonder what it is about. Well, not having an overridingly obvious topic such as dissertation research in Prague, I really put off doing anything with this. After all, a blog should have some overarching topic.
But as it has seemed that the things I've wanted to blog about of late are fairly random (not that different from before, but without the big theme), I believe this will have to settle for being the sort of blog that takes its inspiration from the quirky columns that used to be a staple in newspapers, and be about whatever I feel like blogging about. A collection of feuilletons (Czech: fejetony), although the word feuilleton has never been much used in English as far as I can tell.
The form of the feuilleton will, I think, let me get away with pretty much any topic that strikes my fancy, whether it be the antics of the Spotted Pair (Calypso Spots and Orion), peculiar scholarly discoveries, or complaints about modern (perhaps that should be postmodern or contemporary?) life.
To get my faithful readers up to speed, my life did not actually end with receipt of PhD regalia, nor did I abandon blogging in favor of that controversial service, Facebook. Nay, I was hired to teach in a not so distant (but not so close) city and have been spending the summer putting together courses, writing and rewriting journal articles, and preparing to move.
The Spotted Pair and I have also driven across country to visit family and friends, and in our travels have seen several friends from my Prague life, such as Jesse, Hubert (and his companion the novelist Sue), and Megan. Megan tells me that Alex will shortly be visiting, so we think it behooves us to start thinking about a full-scale reunion, which we think would be very pleasing to have in a Tahoe cabin in December.
I am looking forward to seeing other friends as well, such as my old friend Scott, whom I haven't seen in many years but who is currently finishing up an intriguing novel.
As it happens, I headed west at the precise time I did in order to be on hand for my father having his second hip replaced (fortunately he is not a quadruped), but unfortunately the operation had to postponed (utterly at the last moment) until September. We are not pleased.
In other news, Archelaus Cards has been attracting retailers internationally and continues to present a strong presence at DC's Eastern Market, as an enthusiastic customer notes.
Orion and Ms. Spots are presently napping under a desk and do not wish to be disturbed.


  1. Glad to see a new blog! Looking forward to future posts and give those spotted ones a good head scratching for me.

  2. They're having a supper-time treat at the moment. I'll let them know that I am but your proxy in head-scratching!

  3. The Spotted Pair do not have particularly notable dewlaps. Orion prefers to have belly fat.