Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Megan Informs Me...

I was out carousing last night with Megan, whom I know from Prague, and she told me of a curious thing she had read recently. Allegedly, ice has replaced salt as... (at this point I said "a medical prohibition?") ...an object of culinary fanaticism.
Megan said that supposedly ice from icemakers is full of air, whereas ice made specially in sheets and cut with an awl is denser and doesn't melt as fast in one's drink.
I suggested that in that case ice from the polar ice caps must be in great demand--get your cretaceous ice here! no low-grade paleolithic ice sold!

Megan also told me about a young man of her acquaintance, a friend of some past housemate, I believe, who had taken a fancy to her sometime prior to Prague and was one of those people who can never take a hint that it is time to go away and end the conversation, or that they should refrain from following you home, or whatever. (I am sure all of us have been that kind of person at various times--I certainly have--so I don't hold this trait too much against him.)
During the several years that have passed since their first acquaintance, he studied Chinese medicine, so when they ran into one another recently he informed her that her "spleen chi" was "depleted."
Megan inquired what on earth he meant by that (she knows that chi is some sort of energy, but...).
He replied that he could see it on her face. He was eager to treat her for this problem, but she declined.
I am afraid that from now on, all we'll have to do to induce laughter is refer to "spleen chi." At one point I accidentally said it was "deleted," which prompted me to wonder whether he had deleted her spleen chi in order to claim it was depleted.

Of course, many of you already know that I'm easily amused. At least, by the right people and under the right circumstances. There are many times when I could very easily and stonily state "The Queen is not amused."

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  1. I had some spleen chi on a ritz cracker once. It was kind of gross.