Friday, August 7, 2009

A Little Hoffmeister

Why is it that my friends invariably link to me just when I haven't posted anything very remarkable in awhile? I'm afraid it is just fate (in this case, my having just moved and not yet having internet at home).
Well, for everyone's entertainment, I offer two Adolf Hoffmeister pieces:

"The Founding of Devětsil," 1927

"Pisces," 1963

Adolf Hoffmeister was a Czech artist and writer (not to mention diplomat). I'd say more, but I really must return home and continue unpacking several hundred (or is it thousand?) books. That is, I know I've unpacked several hundred, but at least 30 boxes of something or other have yet to be opened.


  1. Dear Karla, thanks for Hoffm. drawing of devetsil, do you have the names of each one ?(I see numbers beside each one, there's Teige and Nezval but others ?)

  2. The ones I recognize are Hoffmeister, Teige, and Seifert (two pipes and behind cigar). I don't see Nezval. Offhand I'm not sure who the rest are. Thanks for stopping by!