Sunday, June 2, 2013

Pearls of Special Wisdom

Yet more from the Howlers folder:

There are three bad habits--smoking, drinking, and profound language.
It is better to burn the candle at both ends than to put it away in the closet and let the mice eat it.
Habits can become as worthless as a bottomless cuspidor.
A friend is one with whom we can take off our undermost garments and be sincere.
A coat shouldn't be overempathized.
Our habits change very little--unless of course we kill ourselves.
It is simply much easier for people to get into a grave and follow that grave than it is for one person to get out of this grave, make his own grave and let other people follow him.

(I'm all for burning the candle at both ends, and for being able to take off my undermost garments and be sincere with my friends, but I draw the line at making my own grave, okay?)

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